Cape Cod Summer School

Our Summer Program for Preschoolers offers both Half Day and Full Day sessions and is diverse in that it remains structured, focused and cognitively challenging but also offers a wide array of summertime fun. Many activities that are typically considered “indoor”, such as art, music and reading are brought outside to create another dimension to their learning experience.

Our large fenced in playground offers Water Play on the large grassy area with sprinklers and water tables. We have a large climbing structure that includes a climbing wall and two slides as well as a swing set. In addition, we have a huge sandbox and a paved area for riding tricycles, playing basketball and drawing with chalk. In the past we also have held our own Olympic Games!

American Heart Association Way to GrowWhat sets us apart from other Summer Programs is our large garden. We work closely with the American Heart Association’s “Healthy Way to Grow Program” which focuses on healthy lifestyle habits and education, including nutrition, exercise and reduced screen time for children and families. In May 2018, after just our first year participating in the program, we were one of only two centers in MA to receive national recognition and were awarded Bronze Level status.

Children learn hands on science with planting seeds, pulling weeds, and watering plants; they learn how the sun and the rain enrich the soil and eventually produce fruits and vegetables. Our garden has successfully produced zucchini, summer squash, green beans, peas and spinach. The children have then had amazing experiences with cooking and sampling their crops!

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