Infant Child Care

Our Infant Room is a large, bright and sunny space is with a licensed capacity of seven infants aged 8 weeks to 15 months. Infants’ comfort and safety is always a top priority. All infants are cared for in a warm and nurturing way which lets them know that they are special. We understand and appreciate the trust that parents place in their child’s caregivers and respect that trust by ensuring that their baby’s physical needs are met on an “On Demand” basis, meaning that they are fed and napped according to their individual needs and keeping their schedules as close to their home routine as possible. All surfaces, toys and equipment are disinfected regularly throughout the day.

“A Day in the Life” report is sent home every day, documenting the time, type and amount of food your baby was fed, when and how long your baby napped, times and types of diaper changes, and a little summary of their day. Parents are asked to share information on their child’s sleep and morning routines so that teachers can meet the child’s daily needs.

Infants learn and grow at a very rapid pace. Therefore, their interests and needs are changing equally as fast. Our teachers provide a vast array of activities to stimulate growth and development….Tummy Time, mirrors, soft and textured toys, books, musical instruments, a mix of children’s and classical music, and a carpeted climbing structure, to name just a few. Encouraging crawling, walking and dancing are a large part of their day also!

Parents are encouraged to participate in any way that they feel comfortable. A private room is available for mothers who wish to come in to breastfeed their baby during the day. Developmental records are kept on each child, with a Developmental Assessment provided to parents every three months.


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