Pre-Kindergarten Fours & Fives

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program

Like Preschool 1, Pre-K offers a large and open classroom licensed for twenty children and serves children aged 4 and 5 years old. We provide a nurturing, relaxed environment where both independence and teamwork are encouraged. Pre-K not only prepares your child socially and emotionally, but academically as well.  We adhere to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Pre-K which also includes the STEM curriculum. Our talented and creative Pre-K teachers will prepare your child for everything he/she will need to know in order to succeed in their next step towards their formal education in Kindergarten. Pre-Reading, Math, Science, Music, Social Studies, Cooking Activities and Gardening, as well as monthly visits from the Cotuit Children’s Librarian are just a sample of the well-rounded educational opportunities that your child will experience and thrive in while they are here.

Many of our Pre-K children have been here since they were Infants, which is a true testament to the dedication of our teachers. Our families are assured that their children have received a positive and enriched social, emotional and academic experience that has set the groundwork for when they move on to Kindergarten.

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