Pre School For Threes

Our Preschool 1 Program

Preschool 1 is a large and inviting classroom which is licensed for twenty preschoolers aged 2.9 to 4 years old. The main focus of Preschool 1 is to prepare the child for the next phase of their educational journey. While the “academic” component is indeed important, even more stress is put on the social and emotional aspect. To promote emotional growth, we build successful experiences into our curriculum which develops self confidence and a sense of self-worth.  We work to instill a sense of caring and sensitivity towards others which helps children grow in acceptance and tolerance of other children.

In Preschool 1, our knowledgeable teachers guide the children through a busy and fun filled day which allows for a balance of structured and unstructured learning activities. Curriculum includes art, music, cooking, dramatic play, language arts, and large and small motor activities. Children will move to Preschool 2 when they turn 4 years old if space is available at the time. More developmentally appropriate learning experiences such as letter and number recognition and writing are introduced as children are ready.

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