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My two year old son attends Stepping Stones Too and absolutely loves it! All of the staff have been fantastic and we are so thankful for each and every one of them. The facility is clean and extremely well run. As a parent I really appreciate the monthly newsletters and daily logs. The teachers keep the kids busy with a variety of projects to keep learning fun and exciting! The outdoor play area is large and they also have a Gross Motor room for days when the kids can't go outside due to weather or just a change of scenery. The teachers are very attentive to the kids, whenever I pick up/drop off they are always right down on the floor next to them playing. When your child tells you they had a fun day every day (something he never used to say about his previous day care), you know you're in the right place!

- Bridgette H.

I don't think our son's language, social and cognitive development would be where they are if it weren't for the wonderful teachers and programs at Stepping Stones!

- Anne-Marie M.

Prior to attending Stepping Stones, our daughter was at an in-home daycare, thinking she would get more individualized attention there. When it became apparent that we needed to make a change, the staff of Stepping Stones (especially director Miss Patti) were extremely supportive and accommodating with our unique work schedules. Since she has started in June of last year, our daughter has not only grown but thrived, making leaps and bounds in both her physical/motor skill development and verbal/social skills. Our only regret is not starting her out here sooner! The teachers are all very supportive and communicative, always keeping us in the loop with development and daily skills, as well as offering ideas or advice when we face a hurdle (eating habits or appropriate behaviors). Can't say enough how happy we are with Stepping Stones!

- Mo Klimek

We are so impressed by many things our child can do compared to others his age that aren't in daycare settings, ie. counting, ABC's, sing/remember songs. We love the structure too, the routine seems to work for him and we loved the summer activities! His ability to play and interact outside of school with other kids has been awesome to watch---he's friendly and outgoing and interested in playing with others----we love that!!

- Kendra R.

Stepping Stones Too is structurally a clean, well laid out facility with a huge play yard. It is center based but still small and intimate. The staff are caring and committed—from the affection they show the kids to the connection they have with parents (special projects, daily logs, monthly newsletters, progress reports). My son has been there a year and has transitioned seamlessly form the infant to the toddler classroom.

- Jennifer K.

Both of my kids go here. One is in the toddler room and the other is in preschool. The place is huge not like the typical preschools on the Cape. But what’s even better is the staff is amazing. Honestly, our girls love them all. They are so good I highly recommend this daycare /preschool to everyone!!

- Amanda F.

We really like the setup of the classrooms and the outside play areas. All the teachers/staff are really great! Our 4 year old is better adjusted and very social. Thank you!

- Annie L.

My son has been at Stepping Stones since he was 6 months old and my daughter since 4 months. The teachers and director are all very caring, competent and compassionate. They are able to handle all ages and all of the challenges that go along with all stage from refusing bottles as an infant to “threenager” behavior patterns. All of the staff who have and currently work there treat our children as they would their own and communicate well with each parent to make sure each day is a positive experience. The facility is always clean and the rooms and playgrounds are set up to create a learning environment for each age group. We are so happy we found Stepping Stones!

- Melissa P.

Stepping Stones has patient and caring teachers and staff, a planned curriculum, and summer fun days each day/week. It also provides a stable and safe environment for my child to grow and learn while he is away from home.

- Jennifer M

Great atmosphere and staff! Both my children attend. It's a Happy, Healthy, Clean center/School. The classrooms and Outdoor play areas are large and full of adventure!!! No complaints here!!!

- Brittany O.

Stepping Stones Too is an amazing daycare/preschool! I have had both of my daughters here for a while now, they have both been in two different classrooms each. The teachers are the absolute best, they are so caring and do a great job. My girls can’t wait to get to school each day!

- Ashley L.

We feel confident that when we drop our child off for the day he is in a safe and comfortable environment with staff members who are compassionate. The educational component at Stepping Stones makes us feel better about daycare than if he was somewhere else. Ms. Patti does a great job running the program and we are very grateful to have him in her school. We are very happy with Ms. Brittany. Her classroom is fun and exciting,. he is learning new things every day and it has been great for his socialization. William has been going there since he was 2 and we will definitely miss it when he starts Kindergarten. Thank you to everyone at Stepping Stones and keep up the GOOD WORK!

- Kristen H

Both of my children go here and love it! My son started at 6 months and is now in Preschool and we put my daughter in as soon as she was ready! The facility is large and the staff is excellent. There are tons of things for the kids to do (structured activities to reading, music and playtime) and great places for them to be (large classrooms, awesome playgrounds and a gross motor room so they are not cooped up in the same room all day). It is run like an early education center and not a typical daycare facility. The staff is warm and very inviting and the children are exhausted when they come home after a fun day of learning and playtime! The staff also makes a strong effort to bond with the parents to ensure they are comfortable and all of the children’s needs are met from the get-go. I highly recommend Stepping Stones Too and love that I can feel comfortable leaving my kids there during the day.

- Sarah R.

A great school and daycare with excellent staff. I can always trust that my child is well taken care of and having a good day!

- Stacey, Mashpee
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