Toddler Child Care

Our Toddler 1 Program

At 15 months, your baby will be exploring his/her surroundings from a new perspective. We offer a large and inviting Toddler Room which is licensed for 9 toddlers. It features a climbing and sliding structure, sensory table, building blocks, books, play kitchen and more. Our well-trained and nurturing teachers are attentive to each toddler’s individual needs and knowledgeable of the developmental domains of the growing toddler. We promote language development, which is so important, as well as art, music, song and dance.

Monthly developmental observations and goals are written for each child, and Progress Reports are done every six months, at which time parent meetings are scheduled to assess and discuss their child’s progress.

Our Toddler 2 Program

At two years old, children are ready to learn more abstract concepts, such as colors and shapes. As they begin to move on from the solitary play stage of young toddlers into parallel play, language development and social skills continue to be a large focus. Circle Time consists of listening to stories, singing songs, and playing games such as matching colors/shapes. They also engage in more sensory-centered art activities. When the child shows interest, potty training is introduced. The teachers work closely with the parents during this process, as consistency is important. These are all important skills that the child will need to transition to the Preschool Room at 2.9 years.

Again, monthly developmental observations and goals are written and Progress Reports and parent meetings are held every six months.

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